Laura Jean Graham

Tattoo and Illustration



3949 N Williams Ave

Portland, OR 97227

(503) 265-8146



As of right now (January 2018), my books are closed. You are welcome to email me with your tattoo idea for more information about getting on my waitlist to be notified when I reopen them. You can also check for updates on my Instagram account @lauragrahamma. Thank you for your patience!


If you live out of state and aren't able to come to the shop for a consultation, first, you can call the shop or send an email through the "contact" tab to discuss the days you're in Portland and see if I have availability during your trip. If we are able to set a date and time to tattoo you, the second step is to send a $40 deposit through to the email address  Please do this as soon as possible after we pick a date--your appointment is not officially set until I receive your deposit. I will email you to confirm as soon as I receive it. The third step is to send an email with the following information: your phone number, the subject matter you'd like tattooed, estimated size, placement on the body, if you want black and gray or color, and if you have a certain budget you want to keep the cost under.  You are welcome to attach reference images of subjects, styles, and tattoos you like if it will help explain what you're interested in getting, though I WILL NOT copy another artist's tattoo.  Any other details or questions we can also discuss through email.